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Want to get featured on our site to share with your fan base? Want extra promo for your music and grow your social media? Increase your web presence and google search ranking. Best way to organically increase your brand is to appear on music blogs such as this one. Submit your music today! Includes social media and email blast of your blog post and your music gets added into our Spotify playlist. Our fee is for quality control to make sure you are serious about your craft. 

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After you submit payment, we will send you an email with all the information we need for your blog post and/or interview. Once we have everything, your music will be up within 72 hours. Don't forget to share!

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By submitting you agree that you hold the rights to all material and if using 3rd party material, such as mixtape material (other people's beats for example), you are submitting as promo only material (no commercial intent).

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