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Crown Royal

And just like that, a new excitement begins as three of Detroit's polished and respected MC's become one, 
by forming a hip hop super group.
Crown Royal has ARRIVED!! As the announcement was made, they wasted no time in releasing material to the people. 

The exclusively released record titled "Uh Huh" produced by Paul Cabbin and features artist H-I is sure to make a strong impact throughout the hip hop community and music blogs. 

A hip hop track ignited by soulful energy, crispy drums, uh huh sample and a smooth but strong bass line presence. 

This is Hip Hop in it's purest form. With witty lyricism, wisdom and substance, Crown Royal reminds us that "If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything". 

A record that supports the idea of creating an agenda that supports you and those around you, instead of what the world insists you should do. It's no more "uh huh", it's more like "uh uh"! Stay tuned for their self titled EP 2016.

Crown Royal - "Uh Huh"
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