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Focus on 100 True Fans

Why should independent artists focus on 100 true fans? 

Well first lets define what are "true fans". True Fans are fans that are ready to support you upon your exclusive request. In other words, you drop a single, you ask them to support you and they buy.

Why 100 true fans though?

Well, many artists make the mistake of yelling to the masses as their form of marketing. This is a horrible mistake. Posting links of your music everywhere and calling it promoting is nothing but a self inflicting wound. Lets face it, we all hate spammers.

You're creating your first impression to people who know nothing about you that you're unprofessional and a spammer. Instead, go with people who naturally are interested in you and your music. If you let your presence be known, people will ask what do you do. There is when you say, "music". Naturally, they'll ask, "let me listen" and the rest is history.

The fact that they are interested in you and they took the time to listen to your music should tell you that they are more willing to support you than some random person in the street. They are the ones who you should be treating good as in giving the exclusives, your time and energy on social media. If you focus on creating 100 of these kinds of people around you, you will have a music career because now you have 100 people willing to support you.

Lets say you execute the typical album release. You drop the mix tape, then the single, then the EP, and then the album.

The mix tape you give out for free. (Always)
The single - $1 x 100 = $100
The EP - $3 x 100 = $300
The Album - $10 x 100 = $1000
Total - $1,400

And that's without including the casual fans who may or may not support you. So you're goal as an artist is to please these 100 true fans because they are the ones allowing you to have a music career.

Obviously, once you got a 100, keep growing!

Hopefully, the spamming stops. Its not about the masses (yet). You have to build your very own unique fan base first.